You may have noticed that we stopped updating for a while. Or not, since we have less readers than a photography magazine for the blind. It’s not that we stopped caring about beer, or drinking it for that matter – in fact, my beer consumption has handsomely increased these past few weeks – we’ve just been swamped with summer stuff, like vacations, moving, camping, and waking up on the side of the highway minus 3/5th’s of a kidney. Well, at least for one of us that’s true.

So what is in store for Beer Essentials? NOTHING. Because we’re changing the name and relaunching this blog as – wait for it – Renegade Beer Attack. Starting now! Can you feel the winds of change already blowing your mind?

So I’ll admit, when I first got internet service back last week, I was toying with the idea of abandoning this blog like I did my red-headed son at the post office a few years ago, but something drew me back in. Something new, something powerful, something unexpected. Like a sign from God, just as my mouse was lingering over the “delete account button”, this vision appeared on my screen (actually my Gmail box):

Cue halo and choir of heavenly angels singing in chorus – holy shit, Brooklyn Detonation Ale! Brooklyn Brewery had to have known I was having such a shitty month, because they took what was already my favorite beer and upgraded it – call it Blast! 2.0! A 9% hoppy behemoth that I didn’t think could ever exist – like Shia LeBouf’s acting career – that will be available exclusively on tap at my favorite bars in a few weeks. It’s like praying for rain in a drought and getting Hurricane Katrina. Naturally, the first thing I did upon hearing about this heaven-send was email my Brooklyn Brewery contact and see if I could get on the list for the awesome release party. Still waiting to hear back from him, but then I remembered something – at the Buzz Bomb release party several months ago, I ran into Brooklyn Brewmaster Garret Oliver, and over a pint of aged Dark Matter, casually mentioned how much I loved The Blast, and how he should make it more readily available. Did I have a hand in inspiring him to create this epic brew? Probably not, but I like to pretend I’m important.

I’ll be covering the release party if I can get on the list, and I’ll keep you updated on when and where you can find some Detonation Ale, but in the meantime, Tony and I will be hitting up the very excellent Mission Dolores in Park Slope tonight for our Thursday Power Drinking Series. Come by and mention Renegade Beer Attack and get a round on us (him), plus see if you can defeat the master (me) in a game of Connect Four. I’m undefeated, I warn you, and I only get better the drunker I get.