Quick review of last night’s Brooklyn Brewery Event at Ski Bar:

Not as well attended as I expected. In fact, I’d say that Tony and I brought about 80% of the bar’s business for the night. Certainly not a bad thing though – less of a chance of any of the taps kicking early. I’ve been drinking a lot of Blast lately – killed two growlers of it last week, and had it on cask with Tony at lunch – so I stuck to heavy doses of Dark Matter, Buzz Bomb, and an aged version of the East India IPA, which was excellent. I’ve only ever seen the EIPA on tap at the Brewery itself, and since they always have the Blast flowing there as well, I usually opt for the latter imperial version. Last night though, the EIPA took the spotlight and won me over with a previously unnoticed unique hop character and decent malt balance. I might have to pick up a 6er of it this weekend to see how the aging affected the overall flavor.

Buzz Bomb was exactly as I remembered it, and as I’ve said before, its a good, unique beer, but it’s hard for me to justify ordering a pint when there are other superior beers on tap. Like Dark Matter, which was definitely the hit of the night. I remember reading about this elusive Brooklyn brew last year, before it became an official member of the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series. Garrett Oliver would show up at random beer events with a few unmarked bottles (or a small keg) of his whiskey barrel-aged Brown Ale (which I would hear about only after the fact), and people would rave about how amazing the experimental brew was. Brooklyn graciously brewed a larger batch this year and I managed to finally try it (several times), but the run was extremely limited, so having it back on tap last night was a delicious treat. “Wow, this is fucking good” was how my friend Dave, trying it for the first time, described it. I had 3 or 4, which was a BIG mistake; the 8% ABV, which does NOT try to be subtle at all, came back to haunt me at the end of the night, as Tony can attest to.

Tomorrow is the big Craft Beer Festival at MCU Park in Coney Island. Tony, the winner by proxy of the raffle at Ski Bar, is going, but I’m taking the day off. Hopefully he’ll be sober enough to file a report on the festivities.