Nothing substantial today, other than the fact that I applied for several jobs within the brewing industry. (By the way, if any brewers are reading this and are looking for a handsome, young, experienced writer/television producer to hire or work with, drop me a line. Not sure why handsome would be their number one requirement, but whatever).

Fueled partly by job apathy, or more accurately, apathy about not having one, and mostly by my love of all things Brooklyn Brewery, I’ll be drinking tonight at Ski Bar in Bay Ridge, where they’ll be tapping The Blast!, Dark Matter, East India IPA, and Buzz Bomb, all for around $3 a pint thanks to Brooklyn Brewery. It’s the second can’t miss event of the year for me, besides the intervention my friends staged for me back in March. Hope to see you there. And if you do, buy this jobless guy a pint, eh?