I’ll usually try to keep this blog Brooklyn-centric, but I have to mention this because it’s such a cool event. Rattle ‘N Hum, probably the best beer bar in Manhattan (sorry Blind Tiger Ale House) is offering a special private tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware on Saturday July 10th. If you know me, you know that I love Dogfish Head more than I’ll probably ever be able to one day love my first son (ok, that’s not true, but MAYBE the next kid, since 2nd children are usually assholes), so the fact that I’ll be missing this tour because I’ll be in Disney World with my lovely lady hurts almost as much as the slap I’m sure to get from said lovely lady for publicly bemoaning the fact that I can’t make it that day because I’ll be with her in Disney World. Let me re-read that sentence and make sure it makes sense.

Anyway, here are the details: $85 gets you transportation to and from the brewery, plus food and beer, and a R&H T-shirt. Oh and did I mention, a special private tour of the brewery given by Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head?? Holy shit I really hope one of my friends goes and sends me constant pictures and updates so I can live vicariously through them for a day. And if said friend does go, he had better bring me back a bottle of something good and rare. How about a Squall IPA, or some Pangaea?

Speaking of 22oz Dogfish Head bottles, Bitches Brew is their latest creation that I’m really excited about. Brewed in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Miles Davis’ epic album of the same name, this is supposedly a mixture of three parts imperial stout and 1 part honey beer with gesho root. What gesho root is, I have no clue, and because I’m too lazy to Google it right now, I’ll just have to take Sam’s word that it goes well in beer. Ah, who am I kidding, they could have said the beer was made with three parts Chlorine and one part cyanide, and I’d still buy two bottles – one to try and one to age. The bottles are supposed to be shipping to distributors in August, which is around the same time as my roommate’s birthday, so it looks like he won’t be getting a gift this year (priorities, priorities).


– Ok so there really can’t be an update on a blog post that I haven’t even posted yet, but as I was previewing it for publish, I went to Rattle ‘N Hum’s blog and found out that one June 21st, Sam Calagione himself will actually be at Rattle ‘N Hum and he’s bringing pretty much everything Dogfish brews with him, including 120 minute IPA, the aforementioned Squall and Pangaea, Black & Blue, Red & White, and even some Saison Du Buff. Um, is it the 21st yet? Ah screw it, what time does Rattle ‘N Hum open today? You know what they say, it’s never too early to start pre-gaming (they = me).