Hey Beer fans…

I’m the other guy in Bay Ridge, but not exactly…I’m moving soon.

So for this blog, I’m taking the outside looking in approach to the world of beer.  I’m definitely not someone who can describe each taste or aroma in detail.  I give more of a “Not Bad”, “Thumbs Up”, “Hoppy”, “Not Hoppy”, “AWESOME!!!”, etc. descriptions.  My colleague in the world of beer, Mike G is a total “Beer Nerd”.  He’ll fire all these words at you that even I find hard to comprehend.  It’s like Peanuts…”Womp Womp Womp BEER.  Womp Womp HOPS.  Womp Good!”  My description….”Dude, this is awesome…try it!”  What does this all mean?  Why should I listen to you?  Well you don’t have to…I just love to try beers and it’s my civic duty to help others know there is more to beer than Coors Light or Bud.  When I go to a bar, I’ll may settle for a Stella, Yeungling or Guinness…but what I’m really looking for is Brooklyn, Stone, Victory, Dogfish Head, etc type of beers.  It really is another world of beer.  If you’re a fan of wine, you’ll definitely understand there is more than just Red and White…beer is the same way.

Recently Mike got invited to Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Release Party.  He was nice enough to take me along (THANK YOU MIKE).  When we got in, we were given a beautiful Brooklyn Brewery Glass and as much beer as we could drink that night…WOW!  Their 2 newest beers were the Sorachi Ace and Buzz Bomb.  The Sorachi Ace is a Saison type Ale (Maybe Mike will elaborate on types of beers) which is pretty light and refreshing.  Pretty much a good Summer beer.  At first…seriously, it taste like lemon scented soap.  Really!  It comes from the special lemon hops created in Japan.  After a few more sips the soap taste went away and it was actually good.  Refreshing, not hoppy…crisp.  Would I spend $15-20 on a bottle?  Naa…but it’s worth trying.  If you like lemon, you will enjoy it.

The Buzz Bomb…I can’t describe it.  I had it 3 times already and I’m still clueless.  This came from a bar’s menu…

Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve – Buzz Bomb – Belgian Yeast, Wildflower Honey, hops, and orange zest.  Bright Gold Color, floral aroma, light crisp and bone dry.

“Really?  What the hell does that mean?  Am I drinking a flower?!?  Hops?  I hope so they used hops”.  That was more of an attack against the beer description than the beer itself.  To me it tasted like nothing.  I didn’t think it was awful or fantastic…Crisp? Yes.  Sweet? A bit.  Dry? Well, it wasn’t a Radeberger dry.  It just never blew me away and that’s saying a lot if you call it a Buzz Bomb.  If you see it on tap and there is nothing else and you’re looking for something new, it’s worth trying, but that’s it.  A Happy Hour, Half-Off beer.

Well I hope you enjoyed my first post.  I’ll try to keep the next one under 500+ words.

-Tony W (From Staten Island…no, I am not a guido!)